Tuesday, 16 July 2013

My first book!!! 

This gorgeous little book was published last week and is the culmination of 6 month's work since my 10 day visit to Hoi An in December 2012.  It was made possible by the support of my wonderful friends who have listened, checked, criticized, praised and questioned all my efforts. They rescued me when people and events conspired against me, encouraged me, covered for me, fixed things, dug me out of holes. They celebrate with me and never hold me back.  

Thank you all.

Thank you, also, to new friends and associates in Saigon who have supported this project in so many ways, from start to finish. Your advice, prodding, promotion, pushing and encouragement have helped me feel at home.  

And, a special thank you to Jo and Mai for giving me so many amazing opportunities; for putting up with me, putting a roof over my head and helping me to find my way in this exotic, exciting, enigmatic land. FG.

A Week in Hoi An is an interactive artist’s guide to the World Heritage Town which casts a spell on all who visit with its ancient streets, colourful shops, the temples, cafes and the bustling market. Surrounding it is a verdant landscape of rice paddies and morning glory beds where people still work the fields with oxen and the buzz of dragonflies is all around.

Running through is the river that once made Hoi An one of the busiest trading posts on the East Sea. Only 3 km away is the most beautiful beach in all Vietnam , running like a silver strand all the way up to Da Nang and beyond.
This book is a collection of pages taken directly from my Moleskine sketch book, further paintings, drawings and  notes about some of the history and local culture. In all there are 60 colour illustrations recording my visit. 

Also, inside this First Edition, there are three special postcards to send, or maybe just to frame. Use this book as your guide, make notes about your own experiences as you go or just enjoy the reading.  It will make you smile.

Get your own copy from Amazon from July 17th or by contacting me at bridgetmarch.com