Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Supermarket shopping in Sapa

 I thought you might like a tour round  a typical, provincial supermarket in Vietnam. If you are like me, it is always fascinatig to see what other nationalities buy.

Brightly coloured children's shoes, prim little blouses for school girls.

Plastic shoes for everyone. These cost £1 per pair but they are cheaper at the central market!!

Colourful hats for girls

 Designer ear muffs for winter in the mountains and old style hats for important gentlemen

 Sexy padded bras for  the ladies

Maternity dresses. I don't know why this model is has a blond wig or why her sun hat is at such a disasterous angle!

 Piggy banks for young  savers and elegant vases for the modern home.
 This is an old brand for westerners but a new and favourite brand in Asia. Other popular brands include Lifebuoy soap, Camay soap and Sunsilk shampoo sold in individual sachets.

Remember those?
Different rices, beans, lentils and dried lotus seeds ( good for sleeping)

 Fresh meat,
squid and prawns.

Live fish and prawns in tanks - not looking too healthy.
Sweet potatoes , gourds, mangoe, pomelo, dragon fruit, local plums, bitter melon and guava

 The in house bakery making french sticks, brioche, square white loaves and exotic celebration cakes covered in some kind of synthetic cream with the texture and nutritional value of shaving foam.

 Expensive licquor at 20% less than western prices. (lower VAT I guess).

 Beautiful tea sets £7.50 each including the teapot and stand.

Iced coffee and fizzy strawberry drinks

Many, many different brands of cotton buds

a complete aisle of boxed milk of different types.......... for school kids perhaps?

 Treats for the kids as well

Here you can see Bottles of automatic washing liquid, toileteries, electric fans, framed pictures pavourite oreintal scenes, the celebration cake display at far left next to the stationery selection of pens, markers and glue etc.