Thursday, 12 January 2017

Where is the balance?

I am a Libran and am cursed with a need to see balance in everything; to see the other point of view, to walk in someone else's shoes, to listen to the opposing argument to try to understand both sides of any argument. 

I have read that one of the downsides to social media is that it is like a mirror because it will almost always reflect your own beliefs, interests and preferences back at you. That makes sense. I choose to follow other bloggers and Facebook users whose ideas please me, inspire me and reaffirm my view of myself. It's human nature. We are pack animals after all.

So, this morning, I went in  search of the opposing view to 'Donald J.Trump will be the worst president ever and will 'turn the USA into a toilet' (BIlly Connelly).

You might think that I would have a hard job finding that opposing view but you are wrong. All I had to do was look in places I never looked before. It wasn't hard at all.

First search............
Facebook/ Donald Trump for president  (76,500 likes)

There weren't very many posts on this page and the last one was in July 2016 but I did find some active Trump supporters including this woman from Minnessota who posted this popular poster. 

You tube / Final thoughts with Tomi (Texas) (3,850,000 likes)

Tomi is a good Texan reporter who likes her football and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) and she made a critique of Meryl Streep's (now famous) acceptance speech in which she derided Trump. You know, I have to admit Tomi makes some good points. I could criticize her style but - she is not all wrong.

I have trawled through videos, radio interviews, Facebook pages and actually ..........

I am depressed now.

OH I can't do this any more...... I am going to watch re-runs of the top 10 funny interviews on Britains Got Talent - it makes more sense!   But I do think that actors and entertainers should keep out of Politics (including Ron Reagan and Donald Trump) and stick to the things they do best. ............ delighting and surprising us,

HERE IT IS..........................