Sunday, 1 May 2016

100 year anniversary

Coincidence is a surprising thing and sometimes very beautiful.

Nearly three years ago, I found myself wandering around the online pages of a scholar and translator of Vietnamese and French poetry; one Thomas L. Le. I was so moved by one of the poems that it inspired a small painting of a Hoi An fisherman skilfully riding the surf in his basket boat as he brought his small catch back to the girl waiting on the beach to take it to market.  I wrote some lines from the poem directly onto the painting and it was quickly sold at my Hoi An Exhibition in May 2014. The poem was by Xuan Dieu but being new to Vietnam, I found it difficult to commit the name to memory.

Some months later, I found myself living on Xuan Dieu in Hanoi. More recently, I found myself in a specialist printing shop on Xuan Dieu in Ho Chi Minh City, Q5 and I thought ‘there’s that name again’. I realised that this is no ordinary poet.

I discovered that Xuan Dieu was born and died in exactly the same years as my own father (1916-1985). Had my father lived, he would be 100 years old this month ( May 2016) So I could immediately identify with this poet and compare his life with that of my own father. Xuan Dieu was coming to life in my imagination.

The poet had started writing while at university in Hanoi and over a lifetime contributed around 450 poems, short stories, diaries and essays as part of the Modern Poetry Movement which took off in the 1930s. Under the influence of western education introduced by the French, Vietnam was emerging from a highly structured Confucian, family centred culture to become more individualistic and expressive. The Modern Poetry movement gave voice to the discomforts of this transition. I expect that these poets were viewed with equal disdain as Rock ‘n Roll, Punk Rock and Hip Hop artists were by their parents’ generation. Now, of course, many of the early movers and shakers of modern music have been honoured by their governments and they will be revered by generations to come. Xuan Dieu’s poetry will live on and his words are just as poignant and relevant now as they were in his day.

  The Sea

I don't deserve to be the ocean blue
But I want thee to be the white beach sand
The sandy beach stretching calmly its hue
Under the crystal sun

The comely beach of yellow sand                              There’s times when I would fain surge in
Extending to the rows of pine                                  As if to crush thy edges dear
So dreamily and quietly                                          It’s when my billows roar passion
For eons by the roaring brine                                   To drown thee is ceaseless love sheer

Let me be the clear turquoise swells                          I don’t deserve to be the ocean blue       
That kiss ceaseless thy yellow sand                            But want to be the turquoise sea
The gentle kiss that often dwells                               To sing eternal songs by thee
The quiet kiss that has no end                                   In endless love for thee dear true

I will kiss thee again, again                                        So when the foam comes boiling white
From here clear to eternity                                       And wind gusts in from everywhere
Till none of this wide world remains                            Insatiably I will kiss with might
Before my heat can beat calmly                                Cause I love so thy sand edge bare.

Monday, 4 January 2016

New Year - fresh new look!

If you haven't already received an Email, a Facebook post, a Jacquie Lawson e-card, a Pinterest update or a Skype call from me............................


Last year was a very good year indeed for my work; I had three solo exhibitions and two group exhibitions and y drawings and paintings have sold very well indeed. 

It was great to go back to the UK after 3 years of absence. Seeing friends, family and familiar landscapes again was very, very uplifting. There wasn't nearly enough time to do everything I wanted but I will be home again this summer and will have more time.

My big project for ummer 2016 will be to produce a collection of new etchings and linocuts - something I cannot do in Vietnam becuase they don't have the right technology.  I will base myself in Northumberland and use a print workshop in Newcastle to get the work done.

I have lots of new things to show you for 2016. 

First of all, my web site has a complete make-over. It has a fresh new look with new links and there are lots of new items for sale in my online shop.

I launched it yesterday and this morning my mailboxes were full of great feedback from all quarters.   Click HERE to go straight there and have a look.

Let me know what you think. If you like it - then why not share it with some friends by sending them the web address in an email or Facebook message

Next up - I have a brand new Facebook Page dedicated to my work. I will no longer be posting my work on my personal Facebook timeline, I will keep that just for personal photos, sharing videos and keeping up with friends. 

I post to my new Facebook page every single day so if you would like to see what I am working on simply visit the site, click on 'Like' and my arty stuff will be delivered to your phone or computer every morning.  Click HERE  to go straight to my new, professional Facebook Page.  Unlike Facebook timelines, Facebook pages are completely anonymous so no-one can see that you are connected to it in any way.

I have joined Instagram - I still struggle with it - it is not the most intuitive app. I have ever used but It is up and running and I will learn to love it - Haha!

Click HERE to see my first snaps

That's it for now. I love being able to share things with you through this blog.  Please let me know if you have any new links or addresses to share with me. What exciting new websites or apps do you use that you think I might like?  email me: